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Happy Customers


Delia S:

I can’t thank you enough. The work is amazing, just as you promised it would be. The best word I can use to describe this entire experience is, Patient. Thank you for being patient with me, and helping me every step of the way. Thank you for having patience with my mess and making it a masterpiece. The entire process was a relief and your timing was impeccable. Most of all I appreciate how at every turn you were available to me. I have come to learn not every service offered comes with customer service and you Casey are a one woman Show! You are a secretary, Producer, designer, customer service, and perfectionist: truly a jack-of-all-trades.Thank you so much for making this my best experience to date as a writer. The world is a bright day because of you and now this amazing almost book! J/K…. kind of =] <3


Cassandra B:

Casey was recommended to me formatting by a fellow author and friend. I had seen her work as my friend uses her and she did wonderful work. I was jealous. She gave me her info and I contacted Casey. In short, she did an amazing job and was very quick. She really cares what you as an author, want your book to be presented as and she is a genius when it comes to fleurons. She is friendly and handled everything professionally. Oh and most important, she is AFFORDABLE! I will be using her from now on. Amazing work, and professional looking. Casey was fast and cared about what I want. She did both of my books out so far in paperback and I am very happy with the end result. :)


Cathy B:

Casey formatted my children’s book Luke’s Dragon and was patient. I would never have figured getting it past Amazon on my own. She did all the work. I was a nervous wreck and she helped me through every step, keeping me calm. She took care of all the work and stress! She made a nerve wrecking experience feel like a cakewalk! She also told me things I would have not known on my own. She is a rare gem


Felicia F:

Fabulous and professional. She worked with me one on one to make my book the best it could be. I am already planning on coming back to her for my future formatting needs.


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